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Frontend library

The code you need to start building user interfaces for NHS websites and services.

Frontend library on GitHub

Use the code and contribute to it.

About the NHS.UK frontend library

The frontend library contains the production code for the NHS website. We've made it public in an open code "repository" in GitHub.

Why use the frontend library?

It will help you build responsive websites with a consistent NHS look and feel. It saves you duplicating effort and should help you build services faster, saving the NHS money.

What are the advantages of this code?

The code you get is:

  • high quality - it's been checked by the Government Digital Service and industry CSS experts
  • user centred - it's designed to meet user needs and tested with real users
  • well designed - it reflects the NHS brand and values
  • accessible - it meets WCAG AA standard and AAA where possible
  • tested - across different browsers and devices
  • modern - it's built with HTML5 semantics
  • responsive - with a mobile-first design
  • robust - it has browser support for earlier versions and no-js fallbacks
  • modular - you choose the components you need
  • versioned - you only need to upgrade when you're ready
  • optimised - so that pages load quickly
  • open source - we share our learning and are transparent in our decisions
  • up-to-date and supported - it's maintained by developers working on the NHS website and continuously improved by a community of people committed to sharing quality code in the NHS

Get in touch

You can contribute code via GitHub.

And you can contact us on the NHS.UK service manual Slack workspace or email the standards team at

Updated: January 2019