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Prototyping tools

Build prototypes quickly to show people and test with users.

Download the NHS.UK prototype kit

Build interactive prototypes that look like the NHS website.

Download the NHS.UK Sketch files on GitHub

Mock up NHS services faster.

What is the prototype kit?

It’s a collection of HTML files and templates that will help you build prototypes of services with an NHS look and feel. It will help you create something quickly that you can test so you can improve your ideas.

Prototyping in code will help you make realistic, accessible interactive HTML prototypes that can be accessed on multiple devices.

The prototype kit uses the code in the NHS.UK frontend library.

Sketch file

Sketch is a design tool. You can use the NHS.UK Sketch file to create static mockups to test with users.

Get in touch

Join us on the NHS digital service manual Slack workspace or email the standards team at

Updated: January 2019